Sharon Pierce(non-registered)
Helen, I can't thank you enough for all the time and care you gave Jax for these adorable pictures. These will be memories I will cherish forever. You definitely have a special way with the camera.
Amy LaForest-Thomas(non-registered)
Hi Helen. It was great meeting you today and watch you work with my great-nephew. I look forward to seeing all the photos! See you soon!
WOW Helen!! This is actually the first time I have seen your website........I had always just seen your fb page of photos. Totally awesome shots.......makes me aspire to be as good as you are!!!
Susee harkins(non-registered)
Inspiring words and images! I want to get notifications of your blogs, not sure how, will see what I can do here, love these!
E. Terry Clark(non-registered)
love the new winter Eagle shots.... you really captured some great detail in the birds. great work!
Ann and Larry Chappel(non-registered)
Thank you, Helen, for helping create such wonderful memories of our 60/40 Celebration with your eye for the camera. The photos captured the beauty of the day and the joy we shared in the moment. We were so pleased and blessed to work with you as our photographer.
sharon pierce
Helen, here I am living next door to such a talent and never knew. I have been sitting here on my computer looking at all these amazing pictures. I don't usually get that excited about looking at a bunch of pictures but you have a way of drawing me into all of these beautiful shots. You truly do have a God given talent and so happy to see your outstanding work. Now if someone asks me if I know a really good photographer I can tell them I just happen to live next door to one. By the way this website is one of the best I have seen and so easy to follow...
Dorn Gallatin(non-registered)
Helen, you have a beautiful site, Supermoon has to be my favorite, that is just so soft. Those eagle shots are great too. Lots of fun to visit. Thanks for stopping by my site with your kind words, you are welcome any time.
Kelly W(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your incredible talent. You have inspired me, (and I am sure many others), by your displayed work. May I also commend you on your well designed and user friendly webpage. I look forward to the possiblity of meeting you at a TACC (Traverse Area Camera Club) event.
WOW! Love your photos and presentation. Many of the shots are truly amazing the way you caught them at just the right moment. Look forward to seeing more.
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